Thursday, September 18, 2008

Summer 08 has passed Fall is here!

My sweet bully boy Horatio, as you know you are always in my thoughts. I have gone back to where I found you in the anniversary of your passing. I have you always close to me on my desk and in my heart. I miss you MY BEAUTIFUL BULLY but I am not sad anymore, because I know you are at Peace playing with bullies in heaven surrounded by Angels and Jesus. You came into my life to give me strength and to feel good about what has always been my passion, to rescue dogs. Dogs who have not had a good start in life and to fight for animal rights, especially bullies; like you. I love you my sweet angel bully Horatio.

I am fighting agains the BSL and trying to save many bullies. Along with many caring people, we have saved the life of Forrest, the bully from Denver. People like Rep Morgan Carroll, Delia Easton from Dogster, our friend Maureen ; we wrote, called Denver officials and demanded justice for Forrest. Even though his daddy, Chris had to give him up it was a huge step towards abolishing breed discrimination. I hope Forrest and Chris will be reunited one day.

Because of you my sweet boy, I was contacted by a lady who asked for my advice regarding a bully girl who was abandoned, neglected, abused and treated meanly. Now her name is Lucy, a beautiful red bully girl, only one year old, who was used as a puppy making machine for profit. I decided Lucy deserved better and was worried her life was in jeopardy. Lucy was rescued on august 19. She has been diagnosed with having a heart murmur, horrible infected ears, heartworm disease and had several abscesses in her abdomen.

She has been adjusting to more sociable life with many dogs around her and even a kitty. She has learned to play with toys and not to be scare just because we say no. She loves to roll on the grass and to play, catch me if you can with my catahoula, Osita.

I have also saved a basenji mix girl, Penny from the Delano shelter, she was due to be put down the day I rescued her, August 21. She is a sweetheart, a very gentle and affectionate little girl .
She has learned to walk with a leash, to eat her own food, to cuddle and be part of a pack. She loves to play with my basenji mix boy Zorro like only basenjis know how, rough playing but never mean.

Sacramento County, CA

Contra Costa County Animal Services

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Lancaster high kill shelter, CA

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