Friday, November 5, 2010

Justice for BABYFACE who's back legs were chopped off for "stealing" food and left in critical condition

* Target: Ms. Angie Serote, Prosecutor, Magestrate Court, Sabie, South Africa
* Sponsored by: South African Animal Rights Community

SABIE, South Africa - A defenseless dog was subjected to merciless mutilation when her supposed "best friend" chopped off her back legs and cruelly left her in that critically injured state for more than a week.

"She was stealing; now that she can't walk so she can't steal anymore," said the owner. He simply shrugged his shoulders when he was confronted. According to the remorseless man, he wanted to teach his dog a lesson so he cut her back legs off with a blunt axe.

When help finally arrived after a concerned neighbour in the informal settlement of "Fok-Fok" stating they had seen an injured dog, the poor skeleton-of-a-dog was in severe pain and shock, and displayed absolutely no reaction when she was approached. The black Africanis female dog was lying outside when the disorientated animal was removed from the premises.

When questioned why the owner chopped off her legs, his response was "ask the dog". It is an absolute horrific act of animal cruelty as the dog was lying and whimpering in pain for more than a week with her owner ignoring her. The owner also commented "see, now, I have no more problems with her". He also helped loading his other dog into the official vehicle himself which was taken to a temporary shelter.

The injured dog was taken to a veterinarian who was appalled at what he saw. "She was totally dehydrated and in shock and septicemia was already taking place - one could smell the flesh rotting." He said she was in severe pain and it was decided mercifully to put her out of her misery.
"But the worst was that she was totally dejected and had simply resigned herself to the fact that she was going to die, that this was her lot in life," The veterinarian was clearly emotional as he added that the dog "simply stared at him".

Her owner never gave her a name, so the rescuer named her Babyface.

The incident was reported to the police and the owner will be prosecuted and charged with animal cruelty under the Animals Protection Act 71 of 1962.

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