Saturday, August 3, 2013


Poor Juna thought she was safe until the family who adopted her took her for a ride, and pulling into the ACC, dropped her off at the shelter like they were returning a book to the library!!!! 

Returning a paw to the ACC is a death sentence!!! 
Juna is a sweet 8 year old SPAYED girl who only wanted love. 

Silvia: 910-876-0539

Bladen County Animal Shelter, 
506 Smith Circle, 
Elizabethtown, NC 28337
MON-WED-FRI: 1:00 - 5:30 PM

Juna  is 8 yrs  old and a gentle girl. She was brought into the shelter by the whole family, kids and all  and dropped off like a library book, Done with it, don't need it anymore!! Juna is a sweet girl!!.   Please don't leave her in the shelter.  Call Silvia and Debbie now,,,,,Silvia is 910-876-0539 and Debbie is 339-832-0806. If Silvia's mailbox is full you can Text her.
Transportation is usually available up the East Coast, Elizabethtown, VA, MD, DC, NJ, PA and the North East.
No one will ever love you like a dog who was once abandoned!
The Animal Control Facility for Bladen County, North Carolina IS a kill-shelter, so the animals seen here have a limited time to be available. This is a rescue-friendly facility so all reputable rescues are welcome to register in advance as an Adoption Partner. You, as the adopter or rescue organization, are responsible for any and all veterinary work given. No health or temperament guarantees are given or implied.
Please visit or call during office hours.
A SHELTER FRIEND volunteers may be able to assist you and can obtain transport at a reasonable cost. Or, if you cannot adopt and would like to foster or sponsor a pet please call them at 910-876-0539 or email :
A Shelter Friend Please visit us on Facebook!
Direct link to Facebook animal photo albums:

UPDATE: SAFE 8/9/13 - WOOOHOOO!! - URGENT 7/28/13 Brooklyn SELMAN A0973025 - NEW YORK



~~~~MEGA URGENT!!~~~~ OUT OF TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EMERGENCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  EMERGENCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SUPER URGENT 7/28/13 Brooklyn Center

SELMAN A0973025

A private donor has offered to provide FREE VET CARE FOR MANGE *

Meet Selman!!! Selman is a 7 month old Pit that was surrendered at our Brooklyn facility due to medical reasons. The owner stated that Selman is paper and house trained, and is friendly with children. Selman currently has Demodex and will need follow up vet care.

For more information on adopting from the NYC AC&C, or to find a rescue to assist, please read the following:

For more info on behavior codes and ratings, please read here:

For more information on a particular dog, email but ONLY if serious about adopting, and ONLY if you are able to GO TO the shelter in-person. Please do not email for status updates... the only thing you will accomplish is spamming their inbox and causing REAL adopter emails to go unnoticed.

Contact the NYC ACC at (212) 788-4000 for further automated instructions.

UPDATE: RESCUED!!! URGENT BABY GIRL - ID#A1409299 - East Valley shelter - LOS ANGELES

BABY GIRL - #A1409299



  BABY GIRL - #A1409299 

 I am an unaltered female, blue and white Pit Bull Terrier.

The shelter thinks I am about 3 years old.
I weigh approximately 58 pounds.

I have been at the shelter since Jul 17, 2013. 

East Valley Animal Care and Control Center at (888) 452-7381

14409 Vanowen Street

Van Nuys, CA 91405

Our Shelter hours are:
Mondays - Closed (Emergencies Only)
Tuesday (8:00AM - 5:00PM)
Wednesday (8:00AM - 5:00PM)
Thursday (8:00AM - 5:00PM)
Friday (8:00AM - 5:00PM)
Saturday (8:00AM - 5:00PM)
Sunday - (11:00AM - 5:00PM)

Sacramento County, CA

Contra Costa County Animal Services

Baldwin Park shelter, CA


Lancaster high kill shelter, CA

San Bernardino County DEVORE