I was driving north on highway 160 by the river, I was with 3 of my furbabies. It was not a good day, I was crying because the man I love doesn't understand me or accept me. Then by the side of the road running I saw a scared dog. I made a quick u turn and stopped by him, luckily I had a bowl of dog food and water.I tried to give it to him, but he was too scare. I could see he was starving, emaciated and his fur was almost all gone and his skin was so red it looked burned. As hungry as he was he ran. I decided right there I was going to save him no matter it was 100 degrees. I remembered I had hot dogs in a cooler, I got them and drove to him cornering him. I felt bad to have to do but it was the only way, he stopped and hid under my car. That's when I showed him a hot dog he took, Alleluia! I said to myself and thank God, then he came out a bit I showed him another hot dog and got him to come out from under the car. I picked him up and put him in the front seat and he ate the hotdog. The other dogs were quiet like never before, like they knew I needed them to help me. i could see he was bleeding from different small spots, I was so worried. On the way to my home he kept fainting, so I would hold his head, at times he would eat a bit of dog food. When I got home in the garage I gave him water and tried to feed him but he would not eat anymore. I was saved that day by a little pup who needed my help, I feel no sadness anymore, Horatio has brought so much love to me, I feel chosen by God. I am grateful to Horatio for allowing me to bring him into my home and heart.With deep sorrow and a void in my heart, I am obliged to let you know beautiful and sweet Horatio, today Thursday 7/31/08 crossed over the Rainbow Bridge at 3:30 am. Bella, Mellow, Moony, Cookie, Sissy, Babette, Toro, Osita, Thumper, Flopsy Mopsy, Paquito, Mookie, Nino and Brandy were waiting to greet him with angels in Heaven. God willing one day we will all be together again. Horatio fought hard to live to all the way to the end, but his battered little body couldn't keep up, so his big loving heart gave away. People have said; he was lucky pup that I found him that fateful on July 4th. I feel I was the lucky one to have been chosen by God almighty to love him and be his mommy. I will never forget my gentle brindle pit bully boy, or his big brown eyes that told me that he loved me or his broken tail that would wag every time he saw me. I love you and miss you my sweet Horatio.

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