Monday, June 17, 2013

Branko's story ADOPT - DONATE - SHARE! Eastern Europe

This is Branko's story, he is one years old & the sweetest lil soul ever, he has known no other life other than on the streets, he has seen many of his friends disappear - either they have died of cold or hunger or been poisoned, beaten & killed by locals if not caught by the 'dog catchers'.... A few Lucky ones have also been adopted - Whilst Branko desperately waits on the streets. Please share his story & help Branko Finally know what it means to be Loved & to have a home & forever family of his own He would make the perfect pet.
Branko was put in the kennels for a while after he was hit by a car, he was very lucky and got away with just scratches and bruises.. if you would like to help Branko stay in the kennels for bit longer or until he finds a home, he would so appreciate that very much.

Balkan Underdogs
People tell you that you can't save them all, that it is a hopeless task, and there is no way to make a real lasting difference - but when you look into the eyes of a happy, content, newly homed dog and know you have changed their life forever nothing else matters.
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