Thursday, June 27, 2013


 JOIN ... No Kill New York, Inc. 

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No Kill New York, Inc., with 501c3 pending. We are New York Animal Rights Alliance America with K. Riviello, President. Join us June 22nd!! Build Shelters in Queens and the Bronx, end the killing of cats and dogs now!!


ANNOUNCEMENT: I take it for granted that everyone knows this but our 501c3 for NO KILL NEW YORK, INC., is in the final stages. I will be President. This will not just be a Facebook page.

Our organization will have the same stamina to withstand the political environment that infests this movement to get the job done of (1) MASSIVE FREE AND LOW COST SPAY NEUTER for the State of NY, (2) Continued shelter investigation with legal action against acts of animal cruelty, negligence and incompetence of a municipal entity, (3) Education and awareness of ADOPT DON'T SHOP in the school system, (4) Video drama series starring kids for social media for awareness of not only dog and cat abuse but animal rights, (5) Protest and rallies for public demonstrations, (6) and Political Advocacy at the city and state levels throughout NY State. Yup, this is the first 501c3 my friends. We have two EIN numbers for two NY State nonprofits, the other 501c3 will be the rescue and animal rights group for all animals, which is pending as well.

Anyone can call and ask any questions they like. We will never have any awareness if we simply sit on Facebook and pledge rescued animals (which although necessary as well, we can walk and chew gum at the same time). So does this make your day? Call any time!! 845 856 7366 

Animal lovers protest inhumane conditions of NYC shelters 
Source: WPIX - New York

In Queens, animal lovers took to the streets of Long Island City to protest what they say is the City’s abuse of pets in shelters.

The New York Animal Alliance says it wants to educate people about the inhumane treatment at the pound and the organization says Queens and Brooklyn don’t even have shelters for homeless, abandoned and abused animals.
In Queens, animal lovers took to the streets of Long Island City to protest what they say is the city’s abuse of pets in shelters.
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