Thursday, July 17, 2008

This is a story of my NEW LIFE!

Hi, I'm Horatio, a Pit Bull puppy! I don't like thinking about my old life, because I was abandoned because no one loved me.

But on the 4th of July, this kind lady found me and she brought me to this new place she calls "my home." I tried to tell her about my old life, this happened and then this happened to me, but she said I didn't need to tell her, she could see what happened to me.
She said I was emaciated, I think that just means I am really hungry because I didn't have food for a long time.

I was wondering why I was so itchy all the time and why my skin hurt, and this doctor said I have a very bad case of mange. Some times it is pussy and I sweat blood. I don't like that! I have to get a lot of rest for that, take some medicine with turkey or jelly (yumm!) eat nutritious food and get lots of baths. My mommy says I'm a good boy.

I also have auto-immune problems. That means I just get sick easier than most other dogs, I think.

Mommy puts stuff in my eye too. She says I have real purdy brown eyes, but if one doesn't get better, I might lose an eye. WHAAAT?! I wanna keep my eye! I gots to see what is going on!

THEN the doctor says I got a heart murmur. Huh? The heart is for loving, and I think mine works real good.

The doctor also said me tail was broken... in FOUR places! I was wonderin' .... it hurt before when I was wagging it. I still wag it all the time now, because I am happy to have a mommy and a place to live.

My mommy and I go for walks every morning before it gets too hot. Sometimes, I cry when I think I lost my mommy. Once she was behind a tree and I couldn't see her!

My favorite things to do are to sleep, bark, eat my organix dog food, my yummy bones, and listen to mommy tell me about all my Angels and people who are rooting for me to get better.

My mom's friends set up this account for me at the doctor. They say I am real good when I go to the doctor and get my tests done. Some dogs, they don't like going. But I want to get better, so I don't mind. They tell me that I am going to have to go to the doctor alot until all my fur grows back. :(

If you can help with my bill, I will give you the biggest bully wiggle-butt wag and kiss ever!

Madison Ave Veterinary Clinic
8520 Madison Ave.
Fair Oaks, CA 95628

Please write that you are contributing for Horatio account #9237.

WOOF! Thank you, everyone. Thank you for all my presents from my wish list. I am so lucky to have so many friends. I ruv u! If you leave me a comment, my mommy says she promises that she will read them to me.
I hope I can meet all of you one day when I am all better.

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