Saturday, June 29, 2013

UPDATE: KILLED! :(( RIP SWEET BABY Siren, Wisconsin BEYOND URGENT!!! – Stunningly Beautiful, Deaf PBT X, only 6 Months Old! **WILL BE PTS

This beautiful, deaf, PBT X puppy needs to find an experienced adopter or rescue with deaf dogs ASAP or he will be PTS!!! Please, please help!!! He is only 6 months old and has never been worked with!!! If you find you are not in a position to help now, please quickly share with all your contacts! Thank you!

We received the following:

My Manager at the Humane Society in Siren, Wisconsin received this message from another local shelter.

"We have a 6 month old deaf Pit Bull that was never worked with. We have contacted 4 rescues with not a reply from even one of them. He is difficult to handle, nice, just difficult! He cannot be adopted as he is. Does anyone know someone or a rescue experienced in training deaf dogs. He is going to be a handful! If he cannot be placed he will be euthanized. I don’t want him going to some shelter that will just leave him sit to simply save his life. He will go insane!"

Please if Anyone can help, e-mail me at or contact me via Facebook. We would like to help these people help this baby out. We are located in Siren, Wisconsin. Please, he's just 6 months old and if they can't find him a rescue he will be euthanized. We don't want that!!

This is all the information we have. We are networking; we do not have this sweet pup, nor, unfortunately, are we able to help with transport. For any additional information, or to adopt or rescue, please quickly get in touch with the shelter/person listed under contact information.

We try to update our posts as quickly as we become aware. If anyone else has been in contact with the shelter/contact and has updates, please let us all know. Thank you.

Contact Information:

Danielle Kirkman @

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